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This page is extracted from the Chinese database at, containing names of Falun Gong practitioners who are still being illegally jailed in labour camps, and some major "brain washing" centers in China.

The listing is organized as "Province > City : Detention Site". Actual situations may change slightly from these recordings. The names and locations listed in this page are automatically translated with a tool developed in-house, based on the Chinese version. Note that some English translations may seem "rough" due to recent revisions of the Chinese names. This will be fixed soon. Actually some labor camps are deliberately named vague and some have several names. Any feedback please email to here .

1. Guangdong > Shenzhen : Nanshan District (Nanshan District Detention Center ,XiLiShouRongEducation Place ,Shenzhen Legal Education School ) 深圳 南山区(南山区看守所,西丽收容教育所,深圳法制教育学校) (1)

DOU Jun(窦君)  

2. Hubei > Wuhan : DongXiHuDistrict : MianHuDunLabor Camp 武汉 东西湖区 沔湖墩劳教所 (1)

HUANG Hongyun  

3. Jilin > Changchun : Weizigou Labor Camp (Male ,Female ) 长春 苇子沟劳教所(男,女) (1)

HAN Bing  

4. Jiangxi > Jiujiang : XunYangDistrict : Majialong Labor Camp (Jiujiang City Labor Camp ,Male ,Female ) 九江 浔阳区 马家垅劳教所(九江市劳教所,男,女) (1)

XIONG Shaowen  

5. Inner Mongolia > Xingan Union : Zhahuite County : Tumuji Anti-drug Place (Originaly Labor Camp ,TuMuJiLabor Camp ,Female Dui,Male Dui) 兴安盟 扎贵特旗 图牧吉戒毒所(原劳教所,图木吉劳教所,女队,男队) (1)

LI Xiufen  

6. Shandong > Jinan : ZhangQiuCity : Shandong Provincial Number 2 Labor Re-education GuanLiPlace (Shandong Number 2 Female Labor Camp ,ZhangQiuLabor Camp ,GuanZhuangXiangLabor Camp ) 济南 章丘市 山东省第二劳教管理所(山东第二女教所,章丘劳教所,官庄乡劳教所) (1)

SUN Jiawen(孙加文、孙家文)  

7. Shandong > Laiwu : Laiwu Steel General Factory (Laiwu Steel QiYeCorporation ,ZaiXinXingDaShaBanDeBrain-Washing Class ) 莱芜 莱钢总厂(莱钢企业集团,在新兴大厦办的洗脑班) (1)

WANG Chuanying  

8. Shandong > WeiFang: KuiWenDistrict : WeiFangCity GongYeCadre School (WeiFangCity 610Brain-Washing Class ) 潍坊 奎文区 潍坊市工业干校(潍坊市610洗脑班) (1)

LI Hengnan(妻张玉芳)  

The above has listed a total of 9.