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This page is extracted from the Chinese database at, containing names of Falun Gong practitioners who are still being illegally jailed in labour camps, and some major "brain washing" centers in China.

The listing is organized as "Province > City : Detention Site". Actual situations may change slightly from these recordings. The names and locations listed in this page are automatically translated with a tool developed in-house, based on the Chinese version. Note that some English translations may seem "rough" due to recent revisions of the Chinese names. This will be fixed soon. Actually some labor camps are deliberately named vague and some have several names. Any feedback please email to here .

1. 北京 > 房山监狱(房山看守所) 房山监狱(房山看守所) (2)

河 北省保定市徐水县一大法弟子   申 宝玲  

2. 湖南 > 长沙: 芙蓉区 长沙 芙蓉区 (2)

龚 祥辉(龚湘晖,龚湘辉)   李 志刚  

3. 辽宁 > 沈阳: 于洪区: 沈阳市看守所(有称造化乡女子监狱) 沈阳 于洪区 沈阳市看守所(有称造化乡女子监狱) (1)

刘 跃凤  

4. 山东 > 潍坊: 昌乐劳教所(潍坊劳教所,男,女) 潍坊 昌乐劳教所(潍坊劳教所,男,女) (1)

胡 新明  

5. 山西 > 太原: 太原新店男子劳教所(辛店劳教所,山西省劳教所) 太原 太原新店男子劳教所(辛店劳教所,山西省劳教所) (1)

杨 斌(杨宾)  

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