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This page is extracted from the Chinese database at, containing names of Falun Gong practitioners who are still being illegally jailed in labour camps, and some major "brain washing" centers in China.

The listing is organized as "Province > City : Detention Site". Actual situations may change slightly from these recordings. The names and locations listed in this page are automatically translated with a tool developed in-house, based on the Chinese version. Note that some English translations may seem "rough" due to recent revisions of the Chinese names. This will be fixed soon. Actually some labor camps are deliberately named vague and some have several names. Any feedback please email to here .

1. Gansu > Lanzhou : YuZhongCounty : Gansu Provincial Female Labor Camp (HePingFemale Labor Camp ) 兰州 榆中县 甘肃省女子劳教所(和平女子劳教所) (1)

NIU Xiaoqin(牛晓琴)  

2. Guangdong > Guangzhou : Tianhe District Brain-Washing Class (Tianhe District Legal School ) 广州 天河区洗脑班(天河区法制学校) (1)

YANG Ying(杨英)  

3. Heilongjian > Jixi Labor Camp (Jixi City LiangJiaLabor Camp ?) 鸡西劳教所(鸡西市梁家劳教所?) (1)

CHANG Guangjun  

4. Heilongjian > ShuangYaShan: JiXianCounty : BiJiaShanPrison 双鸭山 集贤县 笔架山监狱 (1)

GAO Fuzhi(高福治)  

5. Hubei > XiaoGanCity Prison 孝感市监狱 (2)

WANG Gangqiang   XIONG Wenzhi(熊文德)  

6. Shandong > Laiwu : Laiwu Steel General Factory (Laiwu Steel QiYeCorporation ,ZaiXinXingDaShaBanDeBrain-Washing Class ) 莱芜 莱钢总厂(莱钢企业集团,在新兴大厦办的洗脑班) (2)

REN Xiuying   WANG Chuanying  

7. Shandong > WeiFang: KuiWenDistrict : WeiFangCity GongYeCadre School 610Brain-Washing Class 潍坊 奎文区 潍坊市工业干校610洗脑班 (1)

LI Hengnan(妻张玉芳)  

8. Shanghai > PuDongDetention Center (ZhangJiangPrison ?) 浦东看守所(张江监狱?) (2)

HUA Liping   LIU Fendi  

9. Xinjiang > ShiHeZi: BeiYePrison 石河子 北野监狱 (1)

WANG Aimin  

The above has listed a total of 13.