- Dr. Haiou He, is a physician in Chongqing City, China. In October 1999, Haiou was detained in a brainwashing class because he practices Falun Gong. Day and night for one month, he was forced to watch programs produced by CCTV (the state-controlled, Chinese Central Television) that attacked Falun Gong. After that, he was sent back to work at his hospital for several months but was strictly monitored. Though he is a physician, he was given a job as a hospital security guard and forced to make a choice between renouncing Falun Gong and regaining his position as a physician. After a couple of months, having not renounced his belief, he was fired by the hospital.
- The last time Haiou¡¯s elder brother Haiying (who is in the States ) spoke to his brother was in October 2000. Haiying recalls, ¡°Immediately after that phone call, when he stepped out the door of my uncle¡¯s home, he was arrested. His wife watched him being taken away but could do nothing.¡±
- A few days later, a phone call came from the hospital where Haiou used to work, simply saying that he was in police custody, but there was no mention of where he was being held. For the next twenty-one months, no one heard from Haiou. Family members continuously called the local police station to find out what was happening to him. The police only replied by saying that they were not able to tell them anything. ¡°I can only imagine that instead of healing others, he must have faced beatings and torture every day.¡± Haiying continues, ¡°Actually, during that time, we had no way of knowing if he was alive or dead.¡±
- In July 2002, the local police station called Haiou¡¯s wife in Chongqing and told her that Haiou had been sentenced to ten years in Chongqing Prison for not giving up Falun Gong and for organizing local activities to expose the persecution. Even more devastating is the fact that due to the intense pressure of the persecution, Haiou¡¯s wife was recently driven to divorce him.